Vaata edasi Valgusefestival

Valguse festival

The goal of the Light Festival is to raise awareness of the importance of light and light-based technologies in our home and in the development of society.

The idea of the festival was born in collaboration between Nõo Municipality governor Rain Sangernebo and Tartu Observatory Director Anu Reinart and the Manager of the Visitors Center Heli Lätt.

The idea was to open the doors of the Space Center and introduce the work to the local public. The concept of the festival was developed by choreographer Jaan Ulst. 

This is how the festival has become an event that, on the one hand, popularizes science and space – we have visited the Tõravere Observatory, offered the opportunity to get familiar with various laboratories and monitoring rooms, and shown the construction of the galaxy. On the other hand, it is also a performing arts event, which shows how to integrate the theme of space and light into the cultural experience.